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Abhyanga Massage

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In Ayurveda, massage is considered an essential component of maintaining health and should always be pleasant and relaxing!
The beauty of this type of massage is that you are treated holistically without compartmentalising your body into separate pieces.  Because of this, one can simply relax, lose tension and enjoy the experience while the “stories” of the mind subside and the innate intelligence of the body awakens and restores a sense of wellbeing from the inside out.
Massage has many benefits to body, mind and emotions:
  • Improved circulation and lymphatic flow
  • Improved skin condition
  • Improved elimination of wastes and toxins
  • Release of tension and stress reduction
  • Stimulation of “feel good” hormones (serotonin)
  • Improved energy and vitality

Dot High Res-4Massage is traditionally performed using warmed and cured organic sesame oil.  This can be modified to suit your particular dosha or vikruti/present state by using oils infused with special herbs which are nourishing to the skin and tissues and balancing to the doshas.

A variety of massage strokes are used to work deeply on the tissues which stimulate the release of toxins, while marma points are treated to open the physical and energetic channels which aid circulation and elimination, inducing a fundamental sense of calm and equilibrium.

I have a quiet and secluded treatment space in my garden in Lewes for your massage.

Home visits are available for pregnant women and in case of injury.

Ayurvedic Abhyanga massage – £50/1 hour, £60/90 mins
Pregnancy Massage – £50/ 1hour, £60/90 mins
Ayurvedic Head massage – £25/40 mins
Marma and Chakra treatments – £25/40 mins
Call to book an appointment 07940 770 123

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